Designer Jeans Brands Offers You The Best Jeans’s Quality

Designer Jeans Brands will give you the best quality of jeans as their product. Who does not have a favorite pair of jeans? You can wear them in almost every opportunity that does not require formal attire. Levi’s 501 jeans costs a hundred dollars, and it will hold for a long time, can be used repeatedly with washing. As a fact, the more worn, the better and the fitting jeans. However. some jeans are more expensive than others. Here are the top Designer Jeans Brands in the world.

Designer Jeans Brands

1. Secret Circus
These pants are capable of making women worldwide glance. Jeans design is quite classic, but decisive here is a high-quality large diamonds sewn into the back pocket of jeans. Diamond is a diamond, it does not matter whether you use them as part of a necklace or use it as part of the design for your pants. This is a multimillion-dollar jeans that never existed in the world.

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2. Dussault Apparel thrashed Denim
Dussault Apparel thrashed jeans Denim is the luxury of Dussault Apparel. The new jeans are usually tight and stiff, and you have to use it several times to make it soft. Finally, the washed and continues to be used in the right way, the jeans will fit you better and will be like a second skin. Dussault handmade denim jeans beats created by a special process. Even before reaching the shelves, these jeans are washed and dyed thirteen times, and colored between the two processes to increase the depth of color jeans.

Designer Jeans Brands

Now, of course, even if you wash your jeans 13 times at the most luxurious hotel, the bill will not be approaching $ 250,000. To adjust the price, Dussault added 16 one half carat and 26 carat rubies and 8 half-carat diamonds and more than one kilo 18k white or rose gold. Jeans are available in stores producers in Los Angeles or custom in New York City.

3. Escada
Escada is a luxury designer that allows customers to design and deploy their own details to custom jeans. Some choose to use a button fly, while others prefer to use the old-fashioned zipper. Others want their jeans to fade. If you want to make more, then you can add gemstones and other embellishments. Customers never ask Escada’s Swarovski crystal encrust be part of the jeans. Escada gamely complied and eventually sold it for $ 10 thousand.

4. APO Jeans
Jeans APO using silk bag and nails (rivets) made of gold, silver or platinum. A diamond may also be used as studs. Creator also will ensure that only the best fabrics used for denim that is tailored to your request. To ensure the authenticity and value, this prestigious jewelry will be examined, evaluated and certified.

Designer Jeans Brands

5. Gucci
When Gucci has been designing clothing, this will soon be transformed into an elegant fashion item. The company makes jeans-treatment and beaten to make him look vintage and old. Then the jeans adorned with feathers, buttons and beads Africa. Jeans was introduced when the fashion season in Milan in 1998. Who says denim pants have no place in high-class fashion show?

designer jeans brands list

Designer Jeans BrandsDesigner Jeans BrandsDesigner Jeans Brands
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