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Lois Jeans are clothes that are often used as everyday clothing. Before buying a pair of jeans is better we know the things that must be considered in buying a pair of jeans If your body is thin and tall, you can buy jeans rather wide like culottes. For those who choose a shaped short straight. This is so you still look proportional. If we have wide hips, choose jeans that have a more roomy hips form. Avoid buying jeans made from rigid because it will reduce our comfort in the activity. Choose a lightweight material or stretch, these jeans will look right in the body. If you have a flat stomach can choose the model that low-cut, cut below the hips. As for the stomach contains should buy jeans waist falls on the waist. Nice jeans are jeans that use strong thread and adjusted with color jeans. When you want to buy jeans should avoid wearing jeans a white thread. This is because the jeans will be widely used and causing more elastic threads that make the white color will be visible.

Lois Jeans

Lois Jeans So Casual

Lois Jeans can be used in the semi-official events with matching blouse. Dull-colored jeans can be used for relaxing. Selection of colors before buying jeans still die on your own taste. No matter how cool jeans, if it does not fit the body type, he looks ridiculous when worn. First, make sure the foot circumference and abdominal circumference area is not too tight. You have to see whether the jeans look good from behind. If you do not believe try to force other pieces. It’s also, because the jeans tend to shrink, not a good idea to choose a very fit body. Buy pants that are slightly longer than needed so that gives an opportunity to fold or make the desired size.

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Lois Jeans

The most flattering Lois Jeans to make sure your choice is worth buying try and use to walk and run. Walk around the store and check parts of his back pocket and the level of comfort when sitting, squatting and standing. Whether they can keep your keys and wallet? Is it too itchy or warm in certain weather? You should also make sure to try it with a belt that you wear often. This tells where the abdominal circumference down, whether it fit jeans with a belt and a belt if you can go into it with the right. Finally, try the jeans with the shoes that you use often and remember than to see a match with the color, you also have to make sure how the fall of the pants.

Lois Jeans

When the Lois Jeans are too long, fold them to estimate what if cut. Make sure the bottom of the rear end of the level with the top of the shoe sole. Everybody knows how to disturb him when he saw nice jeans are cut and then became too short and make the wearer as flooded. Remember to have a slightly longer jeans even better and safer. It should be avoided Brother, let skinny jeans for ladies jeans. No one wants to see you are supposed to appear respectable wearing tight jeans, causing the imagination of the view.

Lois JeansLois JeansLois Jeans
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