Short white dresses with long sleeves

Short white dresses – If you’re able to get wonderful short white dresses, it’s easy to become the center of attention. However, many of us worry about how such dresses may only be good for particular occasions only. Let’s just say some white dresses are good for formal occasions. If you want to look good on your white dresses during rather informal event, you may want to get another dress. What a terrible solution for those who have rather tight budget. Is there any nice dress idea which can be suitable for every occasion? It sounds like a really ambitious desire, right? But, it’s not really that ambitious actually as you’ll see some of the ideas below.

Shoulder-revealing White Dresses

Nothing does a better job in giving fantastic appeal to you than shoulder-revealing white dresses. This kind of dresses has such sexy, funky, and fun ambience. You really can go anywhere with such. It’s possible for you to think that this kind of short dresses will look too formal. Well, it’s only formal if we’re talking about cocktail dresses. What’s we’re discussing here is the rather less formal ones. The dress can be made in some cute ripples here and there. The addition of elastic in the top part of the dress which will cover the chest area will also give some more cuteness. Combine this kind of dresses with cute heels and bag (or purse) and you’re more than just good to go.

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Simple Elegant White Dresses

Want something a little bit less flashy? Choosing simple white dresses can always be the alternative but make sure it’s not some cheesy and boring white dresses. You can take the idea of getting the dresses which have simple top design (there’s barely any accent there) but for the skirt area, there’s this fluffy part. It’s like the skirt area is always slightly blown by the wind to show your nice legs. Such white dresses are so fresh and cute. Not to mention, this kind of dress idea goes really well for any women with any age! When it comes to a never-ending style, you definitely want to go simple but don’t forget about some sparks of elegance for your dress.

Back-revealing White Dresses

This kind of short white dresses idea is basically the alternative for the previously-mentioned shoulder-revealing white dresses. As the name suggests, you will have your back area revealed which is definitely sexy. The choices for this kind of dresses are also quite varied starting from the tank-top style to the unique option like the dresses which have an awesome hole on the back area. And you know what, such dresses can be blended with various accessories like belts or you may also wear some of your greatest bracelets.

Short Dresses with Lace

Yes, no matter what, basically, there’s something so worrisome about white dresses: the boring look. To oppose it, getting white dresses with nice accent is always the perfect idea you should do. The question is what kind of accent you want to be attached to your dress? Yes, the lace will never disappoint you. You can expect the lace to be placed anywhere like on the sleeve area or you can try the hottest trend, having lace on the chest area. The gorgeous appeal of the lace is actually enough in making the whole dress look good. And the placing of the chest area will make it even more perfect. It’s like you’re revealing a little bit area of your chest and your collar bone but not that much so it’s going to look both sexy and cute. What a killer combination, indeed!

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