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Who would initially Jeans Fashion are for mine workers rather than as part of the current fashion trends. It is now considered trendy jeans with a variety of society’s view of this one kind of fashion. Health study on jeans is equally intriguing. Often wearing tight pants and jeans made from can because femininity becomes dark (for women), it is because of the air circulation jeans pants less. As well as coupled with the tight pants used.

Jeans Fashion

The above narrative, not merely wants to forbid jeans. It is undeniable that the jeans were so attached to the wider society. There is no harm in wearing jeans, as long as not too often and use appropriate to the time, place, and also the shape of the body). So how to choose the right jeans, according to the shape of the waist and legs you?

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Jeans for Waist Width

For you who have a waist circumference wide, it is advisable to use a model of jeans with high tops, which closes up above the waist. Jeans high tops can create a slimmer waist and proportionate. The combination of these jeans models, it could be with a shirt or T-shirt that is inserted into the pants, coupled with wearing heels to create the impression of long legs and slender.

 Jeans Fashion

Jeans for Small Waist
Medium to you who have a small waist, use a pair of jeans with the limits on your waist. Besides being able to make the waist look wider, jeans selection of these models look more sexy and can combine with different types of clothing.

Jeans for Big Thighs
Well, for you who have a body shape shows, do not ever wear tight jeans models. Because the model can be made clearly visible indentation thighs and suggests “forced” to use skinny jeans. Use wide jeans with pockets on the right and left sides, also not too tight. This wide pouch function is to create the impression of width in the pants, so it will seem much smaller thighs.

Jeans Fashion

Jeans for Small Thigh
For those of you who have the shape of small thighs and legs, try using Jeans Fashion or graded, do not use plain jeans. Pattern or gradations of color in the jeans will give the impression contains, which makes the thighs and legs are perfectly proportioned and pleasing to the eye.

Until now jeans is still one type of clothing that is most in demand, both by men and women. Choosing the right pair of jeans was not easy for women. Pants so it was often ‘fall does not fit’ when used. Jeans that the majority have a hard cloth texture compared with other fabrics, will be a little more troublesome for you when you are unable to select it properly. For that, you can listen to some tips that we present to lovers Jeans Fashion.

Jeans FashionJeans FashionJeans FashionJeans Fashion
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